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We are pleased to offer an important new source of support for caregivers of loved ones with dementia. Whether you are a family member or represent an organization that works with families touched by dementia, explore this site to discover the benefits of this valuable form of caregiver education.

Dr. Gloria J. Bonner
Founder & Director

What Is ACTPlan?

The ACTPlan Program is a series of four class sessions using multimedia to teach caregivers about dementia, medical treatment decisions that may arise near end of life, and practical steps in advance care planning. Each session lasts about an hour. Learning takes place through a combination of video instruction, guided group discussions, and brief homework activities.

ACTPlan educational program is delivered over the internet through streaming video for individual viewers to rent the educational content in the comfort of their homes.

Picture of program done in person
Picture of group program done online over Zoom
Online classes over Zoom

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Why ACTPlan?

Being a caregiver for a loved one with dementia can be very challenging. Caregivers need support and information to manage these challenges—especially as their loved one approaches the end of life when critical medical treatment decisions need to be made. Advance care planning – the heart of ACTPlan – can help reduce suffering and improve quality of life for all involved.